Media & Technology

   It seems everywhere we look people are online. Media and technology have certainly changed the look and size of our world. We seem to live in a much smaller world. Where previously communications could take weeks to deliver we can now visit in real time and face to face. How has and will this impact our churches. The accessibility to the internet has hugely impacted the way people search for churches. Driving around and looking for a church to attend or searching a phonebook have been replaced with an internet search of “churches near me”. So the question arises, is your congregation and church ready for the shift? Thing is the shift has already happened. Many of our churches are far behind the curve, when it comes to information and technology. Things that were novelty are now everyday items. Social media, online giving, websites, email, even the technology used to control the audio of our worship services have advanced at an exponential pace. We can now stream our services live to those who are homebound. We can stay in instant contact with members and follow up with visitors quickly and easily.